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Super exciting 20th anniversary gets!
Happy (late) Pokemon day to everyone! :D I managed to snag some anniversary goods and I'm so excited! Pokemon has been a huge part of my life, and I can't believe we just celebrated 20 years! I remember the 10th anniversary...lol ^^

Anyways, onto the goods!

First up- my precious! ❤_

Best birthday/Valentine's gift ever! I sold my New 3DS XL and my boyfriend helped me with the rest! I cannot recommend the smaller New 3DS enough, it looks and feels absolutely perfect! Can't wait to get the Pokemon sprite cover plates. :D

Then this beauty came in the mail yesterday! ^-^

what is it???? (image heavy!)Collapse )

Thanks for looking everyone~ <3

Collection list!
I'm a nerd and have been keeping a running list of my pokedolls (people on instagram frequently ask how many I have, so I decided to keep track ^^) You can ignore the random letters. I would love to get a velboa version of anything with an M (for minky), or any other version of umbreon. Otherwise, I do not want duplicates.

1. Raikou 2009 M JPN TTO
2. Sylveon 2014 M JPN MWT
3. Espurr 2014 M JPN MWT
4. Black Kyurem 2013 M US MWRT
5. Yveltal 2014 M US MWRT
5. Chespin 2014 M US MWRT
6. Ho-oh 2005 V JPN NT
7. Groudon 2007 V US TTO S
8. Metagross 2009 V US MWT S
9. Kyogre 2007 V US TTO S
10. Skitty 2004 V JPN TTO
11. Meowstic Male 2014 M JPN MWT
12. Giratina Altered Forme 2010 M US TTO
13. Shaymin Sky Forme 2009 M US MWT S
14. Vaporeon 2008 M JPN TTO
15. Umbreon 2008 M JPN TTO
16. Venusaur 2014 M US MWRT
17. Celebi 2012 M JPN MWT
18. Eevee 2010 V US MWT
19. Latios 2005 V JPN TTO S
20. Litwick 2011 M US MWT
21. Espeon 2007 V US TTO S
22. Mini Flareon 2012 M JPN OOB
23. Jolteon 2010 V US MWT
24. Noctowl 2007 V US TTO S
25. Rayquaza 2005 V JPN TTO S
26. Glaceon 2010 M US TTO
27. Diancie 2014 M JPN MWT
28. Marill 2009 M JPN TTO
29. Whimsicott 2011 M JPN TTO
30. Leafeon 2010 M US MWT
31. Flareon 2010 V US MWT
32. Togekiss 2009 M JPN MWT
33. Blaziken 2005 V US NT
34. Delibird 2009 M JPN TTO
35. Dialga 2007 M US NT
36. Gothita 2011 M US MWT
37. Arceus 2009 M JPN TTO
38. Raichu 2012 M JPN MWT
39. Elekid 2006 V US MWT S
40. Bonsly 2005 V US TTO S
41. Teddiursa 2009 M JPN TTO
42. Gengar 2007 M JPN TTO
43. Genesect 2013 M JPN TTO
44. Swampert 2005 V JPN NT
45. Lugia 2009 M JPN TTO
46. Jirachi 2005 V JPN TTO S
47. Suicune 2009 M JPN MWT
48. Weavile 2009 M JPN MWT
49. Croagunk 2007 M JPN MWT
50. Heatran 2009 M JPN TTO
51. Treecko 2004 V JPN TTO
52. Darkrai 2007 M JPN TTO
53. Palkia 2007 M US NT
54. Lapras 2007 V US MWT S
55. Igglybuff 2007 V US NT
56. Glameow 2007 M US TTO
57. Latias 2010 V US MWT
58. Buizel 2006 V US TTO
59. Reshiram 2012 M US TTO
60. Slowpoke 2012 M JPN MWT
61. Corsola 2006 V US TTO S
62. Lucario 2005 V US MWT S
63. Zorua 2011 M US MWRT
64. Groudon Oversized 2004 V JPN TTO
65. Chatot 2006 V US MWT
66. Zoroark 2011 M US MWT
67. Deoxys 2005 V JPN NT
68. Meowstic Female 2014 M JPN MWT
69. Mini Umbreon 2012 F JPN OOB
70. Torchic V

Umbreon collection

Pokedoll and mini pokedoll
DX I love eevui
pokedoll figure
Tomy figure
12" unofficial
pillow pet
Tomy plush
(any kid or other figure would be very appreciated! I also like the I love eevui keychain version)

Dunsparce collection

buruburu plush (would love duplicate)
Tomy figure (duplicate would also be sweet)
pan sticker
metal swing keychain

Groudon collection

pokedoll and oversized pokedoll
primal zukan
primal kid
primal promotion figure (japanese)
tomy figure

Long-overdue bio
Hello everyone! I'm Holly, a 20 year old nursing student. I have been slowly building up a collection of Pokemon items since I was 7, and am now beginning to collect Pokedolls. I have been playing the games for years, and am always looking for a battle.